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Sherbrooke black and white - the hope

Monument to the Braves-of-Sherbrooke - no.1

Convent, The Daughters of Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - no.2

CN bridge at the mouth of the Magog river - no.3

Wellington Street North, A Rainy Morning - no. 4

Sherbrooke Town Hall - no.5

Sherbrooke CN station - no.6

Hotel Wellington de Sherbrooke - no.7

Sherbrooke Magog River - no.8

Saint-Michel Basilica-Cathedral - no.9

Sherbrooke Seminar - no.10

Church of Saint-Patrick of Sherbrooke - no.11

Canadian Bank of Commerce of Sherbrooke - no. 12

The Mill - no.13

The birds, Albert Street - no.14

Magog River Gorge walk - no.15

At the mouth of Rivière Magog - no.16

The Sherbrooke Historical Society - no.17

The Sherbrooke Hussars - no.18

Winter Prison - no.19

Armoury - no.20

University of Sherbrooke - no.21

University of Sherbrooke, Cultural Center - no.22

Bishop's University - no.23

Sacred Heart School - no.24

Mont Notre-Dame College - no.25

Convent of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family - no.26

Saint-Michel Basilica-Cathedral - no.27

Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Beauvoir - no.28

Louis Luncheonnette  - no.29

Wellington Hotel - no.30

The Flamingo - no.31

Le Granada  - no.32

Sylvie Daigle monument - no.33

Sports Palace - no.34

Fine Arts Museum - no.35

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church - no.36

Seminary of the Holy Apostles - no.37

RockForest Water Tower - no.38

Sherbrooke Correctional Center - no.39

Doors of the convent, Daughters of Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - no.40

Winter Prison's door - no.41

  Stanstead & Sherbrooke Mutual Fire Insurance  - no.42

University of Sherbrooke-Droit - no.43

Consulate Palace - no.44

Façade, Museum of Fine Arts - no.45

Domaine-Howard - no.46

Emergency Staircase - no.47

Apartments Galt Ouest Street - no.48

Under Montcalm bridge - no.49

Station market - no.50

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