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Marcel Morin - about

Marcel Morin is a professional photographer, globetrotter and storyteller through images.


Since the early 2000s, he has had the chance to travel around the world: he has traveled to Eastern Europe, South Africa, South East Asia, India and China where he lived for more than ten years.


What characterizes the photographer, Marcel Morin, is his humanism, his great sincerity, his ability to capture the moment - Carpe diem is his primary motivation. His awareness of the world in which we live everywhere on the planet governs him. A priori, Marcel Morin is guided by his attention to others. Randomly in the streets, here and there he meets a look, a smile, a desire to speak, to make contact. The photographer lets himself be tamed more than he tames. This is how the bond is created, that it enters into communion with the other.

As a photographer, Marcel Morin uses all the tools available to make the slices of life he presents vibrant. He seeks to translate his feelings through stylized photographies. His wish: that we stop, that we let the emotion rise, that we grasp the message that the photographie can convey, that we consent to an awakening of consciousness.

After selling his business in 2001, Marcel Morin devoted himself to international business and photography. Since 2013, he has devoted himself entirely to photography.


Marcel Morin is from La Patrie, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada


Street portraits

It was in China that he discovered street photography. A follower of street portraits, he immediately lets himself be coaxed by marginal people. Being multilingual is an asset, he recognizes it straight away. His way of making contact is with a respectful and patient approach guiding him at all times. It is first of all through the heart that the photo is taken and given. Without condescension.

Street scenes

During his travels all over the world, Marcel Morin is a privileged witness of everyday life. His liveliness, his presence of mind mean that he is constantly on the lookout: his desire is to bring back from the other side of the world images that reflect everyday life, to show solidarity with every human person, no matter his condition.



Although naturally attracted by his contemporaries, Marcel Morin also dwells on the past through ancient stones. He takes a very personal look at buildings (roofs, cornices, doors, reflective materials, etc.) and immortalizes them in a unique way: he thus creates a new image and lets it tell a new story.

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