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Sherbrooke in Black and White


Over the years, the city of Sherbrooke has been the subject of many artistic projects. Indeed, there are no shortage of studies, research of all kinds, books on the Queen of the Eastern township.

However, here is an unusual project: an exhibition of black and white photographs of Sherbrooke accompanied by citizen reflections on the theme determined by the initiator, hope. The project differs from all others already presented as it will call on the collaboration of various personalities from the City. This complicity is the primary objective of the ideator of this project, Marcel Morin. In his opinion, it is not enough to present his point of view through his camera, but to collect the views of fifty Sherbrooke residents from different spheres of the community (politics, education, culture, business, sports, etc.). To join words to the photos is what he deeply wishes.

According to Marcel Morin, the camera's eye does not capture everything: it directs the gaze towards an often unsuspected direction, it proposes a unique angle of observation, suggests rather than imposing. Here and there, ancient stones, a neighbourhood school, the tumultuous waters of the Magog River, signs that have crossed time, etc. Each memory contains hope; each day as well. The entire space of this project is entirely devoted to interpretation.

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