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Exhibition "Are We So Different?

I am delighted to present the exhibition "Are We So Different? A call for reflection," which features 22 large-format colour photographs captured in the most ordinary moments of life for those living on the margins of society. These portraits were taken in various places such as Wellington Street in Sherbrooke, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Marcel Morin, guided by fundamental questions of humanity, is more interested in the commonalities that unite people than the differences that separate them. He hopes that the audience will reflect on these similarities and our own perception of marginalized people by observing his photos, which he adds brief staging and striking quotes to.

It is important to note that Mr. Morin does not simply capture the moment, he takes the time to establish a warm and human connection with his subjects. He approaches with respect and never forces the issue, allowing each photo to come to its own rhythm. This exhibition is a call for reflection on our own humanity and our ability to see the commonalities that connect us to each other, rather than the differences that separate us.

The exhibition "Are We So Different?" has been presented since 2019 in several diffusion centres, cultural centres and museums, in Quebec and China.

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