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Humanistic photography, Marcel Morin

Street photo.
Street portrait.
Humanistic photography.
Social impact photography, meeting people randomly on the streets. Two glances that meet, in an instant an exchange is produced.

Who invites the other? The photographer looking for a shot or the subject who has a story to tell. At this first glance, one can feel an inner vibration, a desire to approach, to communicate, to exchange, to engage.

For a short moment, we are there facing each other, equal.
Often contact with people who live on the margins of society.
I wonder why, why it's me who stands there with the camera in hand, and the other who is also there, but in precarious living conditions.

Why the roles would be reversed, him/her with the camera in hand and me, having a piece of sidewalk that would be my home?

My goal is to bring out my feelings through an image, to bring out the inner beauty of people who have nothing else and have no voice to express themselves.
Marcel Morin
Photography: Julie and Marcel with children in Kumbhalgarh, India 2017

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