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School Bus

New Delhi, India, 2017

On February 2, 2017, my beautiful wife Julie and I began our adventure in India. We had arrived the previous day in New Delhi, coming from Shanghai, and had the opportunity to spend a month exploring Rajasthan and central India with our friends Manon and Sylvain, who come from Quebec.

As I descended into the bustling streets of the city at dawn, the air was foggy and filled with the exotic scents of spices and the acrid odors of the garbage littering the ground. My first steps filled me with a deep sense of wonder at this fascinating culture that I only know from afar through books and documentaries.

My first photo was taken at the gates of our neighborhood hotel. A Tuk Tuk arriving, a tricycle driven by a man wrapped in large pieces of fabric and wearing a turban on his head. It is actually a crowded school bus filled with young students in impeccable uniforms and radiant smiles.

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