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Virtual exhibition

The beauty of a people

India - Sri Lanka

Vidéo par Alex BG

The exhibitionThe Beauty of a People, India - Sri Lanka , presents in a few paintings, my encounter with the astonishing cultural and social richness of the peoples of India and Sri Lanka, photographic expedition 2017 and 2019. Thanks to the photography, I was able to explore far beyond their exoticism, the warmth and beauty of the people and their country.


I sought by photography to capture through the vibrant colors that reign everywhere, the scent of spices, the quiet happiness of everyday life in the often stunning and noisy conditions of cities. Despite the state of poverty, filth and indigence, we find deep down in the people, a kind of serenity that emerges in a fabric of pride, courage and almost mystical resignation.

Exhibition:   a selection of 132 paintings , several in very large format

On the calendar:

From March to June 2021 - Musée National de la Photographie Desjardins, Drummondville, Quebec

From June 17, 2019 to September 15, 2020 - Artist's window, an overview of 9 large format paintings, 1910 rue King Ouest, 3rd floor, Sherbrooke, Quebec

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